Live video monitor

You can monitor anything, anywhere and anytime thanks to full-screen video in five different quality levels. Feel free to use the front or back camera of your monitoring device.

Cloud Connection

Use the app without limits on your Wi-Fi or buy our subscriptions for cloud connection to use the app on different networks or two different Wi-Fi.

Easy to use

Watch the activity through the waveform and activity log. Setting Home Security Monitor up is easy too – just create a Family Account and log in on your devices.

Apple Watch

The app is Apple Watch-compatible. You no longer have to take out your phone to see what is happening at home, now you can easily monitor with just a glance at your wrist.

Encrypted connection

Your home is definitely safe with us, we take security and privacy very seriously. All communication between devices is securely encrypted.

Unlimited reach

A wide range of supported networks brings you limitless connectivity. Thanks to the Home Security, you stay connected wherever you go, even where there is a weak Wi-Fi signal.

Use your old device

Turn your old phone, tablet or computer into the perfect monitoring assistant and watch your home or another area wherever you are. Put your old devices to good use!

About app

Home Security Monitor System is an anti-thief system for guarding and monitoring your house.

Download app

Installation takes less than 30 seconds. Choose your platform and keep watch wherever you are.

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